How To Get The Best Domain Name Ideas

How To Get The Best Domain Name Ideas

Your domain name is going to be your company’s name on the Web, so naturally, putting a lot of thought in this is a must – Here’s how to get the best domain name ideas. A domain name is an address that people refer to when they want to go to your site, an example would be Google’s domain name which is As you will notice, only Google has this address, so in effect, your domain name will also be solely yours and it will be very different from other domain names.

How Do You Get The Best Domain Name?

Getting your domain name in effect is relatively easy. However, the real challenge is in knowing what your domain name will be. Here are a few tips for you to come up with the best domain name ideas for your business.

1. Use keywords.

The use of keywords for your domain name is a must because this allows an association to the brand and its products or services. Most of the time, your first domain name idea is going to be unavailable, so try using words that reflect both your brand yet have that connection with your products. In this way, you can get a better domain name and it will add to your SEO efforts.

2. Keep it simple and intuitive.

Even when you have a bunch of keywords at your disposal, you shouldn’t dump a lot of them on your domain name. A domain name should always be simple and intuitive so any person can just type a few things close to your products and the search engine results page can still tag you as relevant. At the same time, the more complex your domain name is, the harder it is for people to remember and the more they will make a mistake typing your name.

3. Search for synonyms.

Similar to keywords, you also need to be ready for some synonyms. Synonyms will help you be different from all the almost similar domain names. Moreover, it will increase the odds that you can get your chosen domain name.

Another thing you should note is that you pay for domain names. So, a direct description of what you do can be more expensive than using a synonym to replace some words in your domain name.

4. Make it memorable.

Just like anything that you want to appeal to a customer, your domain name should be memorable enough for people to recall it easily. Say, for example, your business is in entertainment. Naming it “” will be so common that it will either be taken already or have no appeal to the customers. What you can do instead is to come up with a catchy domain name to set you apart, but still make that association to the product or service you are offering.

5. Know your company’s unique selling point.

When it proves to be difficult to get a domain name right, then look at your company’s unique selling point. Your unique selling point will give you an idea of what you want to achieve with your business making it easier for you to find other words that will direct a search result towards your site.

Getting a domain name right is a tedious process, but with the right direction and the right words, you will be able to create a domain name that works for you and your customers.


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