How To Get The Right Domain Name Suggestions

How To Get The Right Domain Name Suggestions

A domain name is an important aspect of your website. For one thing, your domain name becomes your address so it’s supposed to be intuitive and easy to remember. If it isn’t, then what difference would it make from IP addresses that you aren’t supposed to memorize?

To help you out, here are domain name tips for your new website.

Make it simple to spell and type.

One of the basic rules you’ll learn in creating domain names is to keep it simple. Being simple about it means that your domain name should be easy to say and easy to spell. Avoid words that can be pronounced in two ways and avoid long highfalutin words. This means that your domain name should not contain any numbers and hyphens because this will just confuse your users. Stick with basic and simple words.

Avoid general terms.

On the other hand, you don’t want to be broad with your domain name. Names like “” or “” are too generic that they don’t say much about your brand. If you stick with generic terms, your competitors might be included in the recall of your customers which increases the risk of them changing brand loyalties.

Align it with your branding.

So you’ve chosen simple words, stayed away from generic words, but what now? To tie all these elements together, you need something about your business that is uniquely yours. You can call it character, but what marketing people will call it is branding. Your branding will help you stand out in a sea of online clothing stores or online listing sites. Your branding will increase brand recall and it will even make your domain name catchy.

The key to knowing your branding if you don’t have any yet is to know your value proposition. Knowing what your company stands for and that it stands out as will help you identify the kind of branding that you can translate to a domain name.

It should be long-term.

Another tip to remember is that your domain name should be long-term. This means that your domain name should work for your company for at least two years. Avoid using a single product of yours as a domain name as you can increase your product line in the near future. This will help you reduce additional costs just in case you decide to change your domain name in the future.

Gather ideas from domain name generators.

The best place to get domain name suggestions is a domain name generator. This site will help you create possible domain names that are available and different from the usual domain names created around your business’ products or services. All you have to do is to input your ideas on a possible domain name and the generator will help create suggestions revolving around it.

Domain names are pretty easy to understand, but when you think about availability, accessibility, and price, it becomes a little complicated. Nonetheless, there are domain name generators that can help you get the right domain name.

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