Top Level Domains

Top Level Domains

Name Entity Administrator
.com commercial Verisign
.org organization Public Interest Registry
.net network Verisign
.int international organizations Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

Which organization is responsible for assigning top level domain name?

Responsibility for management of most top-level domains is delegated to specific organizations by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which operates the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and is in charge of maintaining the DNS root zone.

What is the benefit of buying a domain name? 

Domain name is an identity for you & your business. It makes people easy to find you on the web.

In simple, when you take office anywhere, it has an address. Similarly, when you go online, the domain name is the online address to find you & your business online.

If you have particular with your brand then you can use it as a domain name. (It should be available to register.) Otherwise, you can use the similar name as your domain name which can reflect your brand, portfolio, business place etc.

Few benefits are mentioned here.

  1. Your business becomes visible & known all over the web & people can easily find you with a few clicks.
  2. It’ll increase your leads & sales if used properly. You can build email list which is very important in the current competitive environment. It’s not only useful in advertising but establishing & improving the relationship with customers.
  3. The cost of advertising also lowers as less printing cost involved. And you can update your website easily.
  4. It’ll help you to build authority & credibility which is helpful in long-run of business.

Finding A Right Domain

Now, you have understood what the DNS and the URL is. The next thing is to find the proper domain name. Domain names are basically of two types.

  • Keyword based/Focused

  • Generic or Independent

We will discuss it in very short. The Keyword based domain names have one or more keywords in them. You can combine two or more keywords to form your domain name. It is very easy to remember, but it may have focused only the particular niche on which you are going to work.

It may cause the little issue if you want to move into another niche. The benefit of the keyword based domain name is that the domain can be easily remembered and search frequency for these domains is more. e.g.

Generic or independent domain names are yet to come as the brand and not focused on the particular niche. You have to take efforts for its marketing and branding or use any word even your name for this category.

Just search for your favorite domain name and register it easily. If you own a brand, then it’s better to buy all TLD similar to your brand name.

Suppose, you own a brand ABCD then try to buy,, along with most popular domain It may help you in future to grow audience, and you won’t lose traffic on the websites having the similar domain name.

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